Designed and engineered to protect the environment from contamination caused by spillage and leaks on the rail network.

Introducing TrackPan

The TrackPan system is engineered and designed in partnership with Unipart Rail to protect the environment from contamination caused by spillages and leaks on the rail network. Using the TrackPan system significantly reduces the risk of costly clean-up and regulatory fines. This environmentally protective GRP walkway is ideal for filling stations, train washes, loading stations, and terminus stations to provide a durable walkway.

TrackPan Benefits

  • Durable construction
  • Excellent protection from spills and containment
  • Greatly reduced expense compared to concrete and steel solutions
  • Reduced risk of slipping due to the installation of the accompanying GRP walkway
  • No disturbance to the track during installation
  • Low maintenance
  • Full engineering on-site support
  • Built-in drainage, removing the need for pumping or manual drainage
  • One section of TrackPan covers 10m of rail track

Simple Installation

Cairn Cross P-way Trackpan 1

Pedestals to support the Track Pan attach straight to the sleepers

Cairn Cross P-way Trackpan 2

Centre collector pans sit on top of the pedestals

Cairn Cross P-way Trackpan 3

Centre and Side Pans for a fully customised

Cairn Cross P-way Trackpan 4

Supporting bars provide a base for the GRP walkways

Cairn Cross P-way Trackpan 5

Full TrackPan installation with customised side panels

Interior Maintenance Train Shed Sheffield South Yorkshire

The installation is completed and able to use straight away

All assembly hardware is supplied. The pans simply bolt down to the existing railway sleepers. It can be put into service within a few hours of delivery and if necessary can be relocated to another location if depot operations change. Each unit is manufactured to exacting standards and provide the maximum self-containing capacity whilst adhering within railway clearance standards.

It is a modular system easily allowing additional sections to be added or reconfigured, if a section becomes damaged for any reason, its construction means that only the damaged section needs to be replaced.

Our preferred installation team can carry out installation, Cairn Cross Civil Engineering, including the designs of any bespoke requirements due to track and cess layout. Please call for more details on the installation service.

TrackPan Examples

Interior Maintenance Train Shed Sheffield South Yorkshire

Inside of train carriage wash facility

Completed Sheffield Train Maintenance Facility

Interior Train Carriage wash sidings Structure with TrackPan Pollution Control

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