Work Safe Live Safe Strategy

The Work Safe Live Safe strategy details our efforts to ensure ZERO harm comes to any of our employees, supply chain, the public, end users or the environment through our activities.

Cairn Cross Work Safe Live Safe Health and Safety Initiative

Exceptional Safety Initiatives

This strategy goes beyond the traditional health and safety role of preventing harm. It promotes an empowered, vigilant and proactive culture in our workplace leading to a ZERO harm objective.

Cairn Cross Work Safe Live Safe Health and Safety Initiative


Our Work Safe Live Safe strategy for the Health and Safety of our workforce is driven by our desire to create a positive safety culture and ensuring all levels of staff and supply chain are incorporated into our efforts.

This strategy looks to go beyond the traditional health and safety role of preventing harm and promote a vigilant and proactive culture towards everyone’s health and safety in the workplace.

Confidence in Communications

Communication and collaboration are at the very foundation of our success and will continue to be interwoven into Cairn Cross’s fabric as we evolve. We recognise that engagement at all levels within the organisation is key to our success, and our staff are our most valuable asset.

We have our own robust integrated management system that underpins the business’s core resources and practices, providing efficient, reliable and organised information no matter where we are working.

Health & Wellbeing

The Health and Wellbeing of our staff is paramount and is underpinned by our extensive Health & Safety policies. As a company, we:

  • Protect employees from work-related Health & Safety risks
  • Support staffs health, wellbeing and mental health
  • Provide access to solutions to combat health and fatigue whilst working in the construction industry.

Training & Personal Development

The now established Cairn Cross Training and Development plan ensure that all our employees are given the opportunity to advance personally, develop their overall experience and establish themselves on an exciting career journey. The Training and Development plan covers all aspects of personnel development from apprenticeships, charterships and other professional development through to appraisals and other vocational training.

Safe by Design Cairn Cross Careers

Safe by Design

We are ‘Safe by Design’. This allows us to mitigate the impact of the human interface and provides the necessary controls when delivering our product.

Effective project design is a key enabler to Health and Safety delivery, as set out in the CDM 2015 regulations and this aligns with our goal of ensuring that ZERO harm comes to any of our employees, supply chain, the public, end-user or the environment impacted by our activities.

Our role as Principal Designer is to ensure there is an accurate and timely production of required deliverables matching with the nature of the work and we encourage an integrated approach to design, where the contribution by all parties is sought.

Quality Assurance Cairn Cross Careers

Quality Assured

Cairn Cross will achieve business excellence through its policies, procedures and people ensuring these are managed effectively with performance objectives and targets set to develop and improve our position within the industry.

Underpinning all our operations is our ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 45001 accredited ‘Integrated Management Systems’ (IMSs). This helps us drive a ‘right first-time’ culture, maintain works compliance and keeps everyone safe providing an audit trail of quality compliance of the works to meet the requirements of the specification and UK industry best practice.